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Controlled ventilation is vital for modern homes with increased airtightness, especially when it comes to removing moisture, improving air quality, and preventing condensation and mould. Ensuring efficient ventilation systems in your projects is crucial. Our subsidiary brand, Glidevale Protect, specialises in providing tailored solutions for controlled ventilation, addressing these essential needs. Moreover, future-proofing projects to meet evolving building regulations such as Building Regulations Approved Documents F and L, and BS 5250 is necessary. Read more on Glidevale Protect

Glidevale Protect

Thermal efficiency

The considered specification of the building fabric can identify valuable energy-saving opportunities, enhancing thermal efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Our subsidiary brand, Glidevale Protect, specialises in providing solutions for thermal efficiency that align with this fabric-first approach. This approach is set to become a core element of the Future Homes Standard, which will be implemented in 2025, and is also part of the Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) standard. By incorporating Glidevale Protect’s expertise in thermal efficiency solutions, builders and construction professionals can optimise energy performance and meet the upcoming regulatory standards effectively.

Glidevale Protect


Managing and improving the airtightness of a building is one of the most effective ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Through careful specification and installation of products, air leakage via unwanted draughts can be eliminated, preventing excess heat loss through the external fabric.

Glidevale Protect

Damp proofing

Damp proofing is crucial to prevent external water from penetrating the interior of your project, which can lead to structural issues and negatively impact the health of occupants. Glidevale Protect offers a range of damp proofing solutions, including cavity trays, designed to effectively prevent damp and meet the stringent requirements of Building Regulations, NHBC Standards, and BS 8215 for roofs, walls, and flooring. By incorporating Glidevale Protect’s damp proofing solutions into your project, you can ensure its long-term integrity and durability while promoting a healthy indoor environment for occupants.

Glidevale Protect

Condensation control

Condensation control is essential as buildings are increasingly designed to be more airtight and energy-efficient. Achieving the correct balance of ventilation is crucial to support occupier health and well-being. Left unchecked, the accumulation of harmful condensation can lead to mould and mildew, causing damage to interior decoration. Our subsidiary brand, Glidevale Protect, specialises in providing solutions for condensation control, ensuring optimal ventilation to maintain a healthy indoor environment while preserving the integrity of interior surfaces.


Natural ventilation & air quality

Passivent’s range of natural ventilation products, including wall and window ventilators and roof-mounted ventilation terminals, offers versatile solutions to enhance ventilation and air quality in projects. These products can be seamlessly integrated into intelligent or stand-alone control systems, providing flexibility and efficiency. Passivent also offers hybrid versions that combine natural and mechanical ventilation, operating in three modes: mixing, boost, and passive. Additionally, their Soundscoop acoustic air transfer unit delivers exceptional acoustic attenuation while providing effective crossflow ventilation. With Passivent’s innovative solutions, your projects can achieve optimal ventilation and air quality, ensuring occupant comfort and well-being in modern, airtight buildings.


Moisture removal

Passivent offers a comprehensive range of moisture removal products designed to address various ventilation needs. This includes the iMEV intelligent mechanical extract ventilation system, specifically designed for use in buildings such as care homes, where efficient moisture removal is critical. Additionally, Passivent provides a range of demand-controlled extracts, fans, air supply products, ducting, and exhaust air terminals to cater to different requirements. With Passivent’s moisture removal solutions, buildings can effectively manage humidity levels, ensuring a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.


Natural daylight

Natural daylight, alongside natural ventilation, plays a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of a building’s occupants. Passivent offers the Litevent, a versatile solution that combines a controllable roof ventilation terminal with a rooflight, providing abundant natural daylight while facilitating effective ventilation. By incorporating Passivent’s Litevent into building designs, architects and construction professionals can create spaces that not only promote occupant comfort but also maximise energy efficiency through the use of natural light and ventilation.

Kingfisher Louvres

Architectural louvres

Kingfisher louvres are made from extruded aluminium and provide permanent ventilation combined with weather protection and/or visual screening. The range also includes louvres which can provide acoustic attenuation or solar shading.

Kingfisher offer a range of blade profiles, colours and finishes to meet the different functionality required and provide a continuous appearance or form an architectural feature on a building. The systems can be very flexible and louvre banks can be made to almost any practicable size or shape.

Kingfisher’s framed louvre panels can also be provided as a recessed or flanged frame and provide a solution for air extract and air intake or they can be used together for multiple panel assemblies.