Passivent provides a comprehensive range of sustainable and energy efficient natural and hybrid ventilation systems to help improve air quality, boost natural daylight and remove moisture.

Passivent’s products help to create healthier and more comfortable environments for buildings across many sectors including education, general commercial, residential, leisure, care, health and many others.

A trusted provider with over 40 years’ experience, Passivent has a dedicated sales, technical and commissioning teams on hand to offer valuable support throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Product Applications

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Ventilation & Air Quality

Passivent’s range of natural ventilation products includes wall and window ventilators and roof mounted ventilation terminals, all of which can be linked to an intelligent or stand-alone control system. Hybrid versions of these products provide part natural/part mechanical ventilation and operate in three modes – mixing, boost and passive. Passivent’s Soundscoop acoustic air transfer unit also combines crossflow ventilation with exceptional acoustic attenuation.

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Natural daylight

Natural daylight, as well as natural ventilation, are recognised factors in improving the wellbeing of a building’s occupants. Passivent’s Litevent is a controllable roof ventilation terminal combined with a rooflight that provides natural daylight.

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Moisture removal

Passivent’s moisture removal products include the iMEV intelligent mechanical extract ventilation system, designed predominantly for use in buildings such as care homes, and also a range of demand controlled extracts, fans, air supply products, ducting and exhaust air terminals.

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We have the products, experience and technical knowledge to undertake work across a range of sectors and to provide our customers with effective natural and hybrid ventilation solutions for their specific needs. From nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to entertainment venues, retail outlets, residential and care homes, we work closely with customers on their construction projects at every stage of the supply chain to help create energy-efficient and naturally ventilated buildings.


Whether it’s a nursery, primary school, high school, further education college or higher education institution Passivent offers a range of natural and hybrid ventilation solutions which have been tried and trusted in educational buildings.


From offices, retail outlets and manufacturing facilities to train stations, ferry terminals and broadcasting facilities, Passivent’s products can be found in a vast array of general commercial projects requiring a natural or hybrid ventilation strategy.


Passivent’s products have been widely used in leisure and sports facilities and entertainment venues.


Whilst supplying the residential sector is not the mainstay of Passivent’s business our natural and hybrid ventilation products have been used in a number of residential projects.

Residential Care & Healthcare

From care homes and hospitals to health and sports clinics a range of Passivent products have been used to naturally ventilate such buildings, providing a healthier environment with improved air quality and improved thermal comfort.


Now more than ever, specifiers require reassurance and peace of mind when specifying building products for their construction projects.


Passivent supports both main contractors and M & E sub-contractors at every stage of the build process, whether that be virtually or face to face on site.