Kingfisher Louvres

Kingfisher Louvres specialises in the manufacture and supply of a comprehensive range of architectural louvres for a wide range of end uses.

Made from extruded aluminium, the range includes louvres which provide ventilation, weather protection, screening, acoustic attenuation and solar shading.

Combining specialist louvre products with expert advice and technical support, Kingfisher can add value to your project, whether you are a specifier, main contractor, or sub-contractor. For over 20 years our products have been tried, tested and trusted in buildings across many sectors including hospitality and leisure, commercial, residential, healthcare and education.

Our Solutions

Combining specialist louvre products with expert advice and technical support, Kingfisher can add value to your project, whether you are a specifier, main contractor, or sub-contractor.

With over 20 years’ experience in providing louvre solutions our wide range of products are ideal for providing ventilation and weather protection, screening for plant equipment, acoustic attenuation or solar shading.


Kingfisher’s louvre systems provide permanent ventilation combined with weather protection, visual screening, and acoustic attenuation.

Weather Protection

Kingfisher’s KW single, double or triple bank blade systems offer varying levels of weather resistance. Within the range there are various blade profiles and types, which will offer different levels of weather resistance and ventilation, this means product choice can be tailored to suit a range of applications. Kingfisher can supply component form louvres to suit any size required by combining banks of blades to form a site-assembled, continuous-appearance louvre. Kingfisher’s louvre panels can be fabricated to bespoke sizes to suit the application, within the recommended guidelines for each product.

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Screening Louvres

Kingfisher’s KC screening louvre system is designed to provide economical, visual screening without weather protection. It is used for many different applications, from screening HVAC and other plant equipment on roofs of buildings or at lower levels, through to bin stores and car park screening.

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Acoustic Attenuation

Kingfisher’s KA acoustic louvres provide permanent ventilation as well as reducing airborne sound transmission. They can also provide an aesthetically-pleasing visual screen surrounding the equipment which they are acoustically attenuating.

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Solar Shading/Brise Soleil

Kingfisher’s Brise Soleil is an external shading system for control of solar heat gain through glazing and is suitable for offices, schools and other commercial and public buildings, both new and refurbished.

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Our Sectors

From schools, universities and healthcare buildings to leisure centres, hotels and shopping centres, we work closely with customers on their construction projects at every stage of the supply chain to help them create aesthetically-pleasing buildings with louvres that provide ventilation, weather protection, acoustic attenuation, screening or solar shading.

Our support to contractors, sub-contractors and architects ensures each project runs as smoothly as possible and achieves the best possible louvre solution, plus our experienced Technical and Sales Teams are always on hand to add extra value, providing customers with take-offs and structured quotes within 2-3 days, aswell as a full range of technical support which can be viewed in the Services section.


Kingfisher provides comprehensive support for louvre projects, from quote to installation, backed by testimonials. Our teams offer guidance, standard details, and optional training, while our partners handle installation with our support.


For Specifiers, Kingfisher ensures peace of mind with over 20 years of experience in louvre solutions across sectors. We offer top-notch design support, personalised management, and ISO 9001 quality products. Our teams collaborate closely, providing early design assistance and premium services for non-standard requests, enhancing project value


Kingfisher's louvre solutions are vital for various projects, from retail outlets to research facilities and office buildings. Our products cater to diverse needs, providing ventilation, weather protection, and screening for plant equipment in locations like shopping centers, council offices, and industrial plants.

Hospitality & Leisure

Kingfisher's louvre products are top choice, widely used in various projects including hotels like the Silverstone Hilton and entertainment venues like the Co-op Live arena. They are also featured in unique sites such as the North Sea Observatory and the Padstow RNLI station.


Kingfisher louvres provide ventilation and screening for projects like Edmonton Green, alongside retail and leisure spaces. We also supply louvres for communal bin or bike stores and louvred doors for maintenance access in residential buildings.


Kingfisher products provide essential ventilation, weather protection, and screening for facilities like the Circle Health Group's hospital in Reading and the Midland Metropolitan Hospital, where our louvres enhance both functionality and aesthetics.


Kingfisher's louvres are widely used in schools, colleges, universities, and community centers. Primarily for screening plant equipment, they are found on rooftops like at The University of Salford's Science, Engineering, and Environmental building. Bespoke circular and angled louvres are also installed in projects like the Woolwich Creative District, while our glazed-in louvres provide ventilation in various educational buildings.